Meu Passado Me Condena 2: O Filme

2015 1h 45m 0

The life of Fabio and Miá falls into the rut when differences, which are not few, need to be faced. After Fábio forget the third wedding anniversary, Miá decides to ask for a time in the relationship. When Fábio's grandfather, who lives in Portugal, tells him that he was a widower, he sees on this trip to the funeral an opportunity to save his marriage.

Director: Julia Rezende

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Cast: Antonio Pedro, Carlos Areia, Fábio Porchat, Inez Viana, Mafalda Rodiles, Marcelo Valle, Márcia Breia, Miá Mello, Rafael Queiroga, Ricardo Pereira

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IMDB Rating: 5.6


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